In A Heartbeat

For couples who would like a small and intimate wedding that’s short and sweet, or a registry style wedding, then the ‘ In A Heartbeat' package is perfect. It’s a fun and fuss-free way to get married that is simple and straight forward yet memorable and meaningful. The wedding lasts around 10min and it can just be the two of you or a small gathering of your VIP’s. The beautiful thing about this style of marriage is it can be any day/time of the week that suits our schedules. It may be that a certain location or venue that has special significance to you both and we can fulfill your desire to have this shown on your marriage paperwork. 

 The In A Heartbeat package includes: 

• An 'obligation free' first meeting to make sure I'm just right for you.

​• An amazing Marriage Celebrant & an amazing personal ceremony

• Preparation and submission of all legal paperwork.

• Access to my 'Wedding Ceremony Creator' to help plan your ceremony.

• Bose PA speaker with wireless microphone.

• Presentation Certificate.


 (Inclusive of GST, taxes, local travel, legals)

 Available worldwide

The Time Of My Life

This ceremony is the perfect option for couples who want something truly meaningful, bespoke and inclusive for their wedding. What’s a perfect wedding?….Saying the words you really mean to each other. Celebrating everything that brought you to this moment – and all that you are looking forward to in a special place with your family and friends. Weddings should be all about the two of you and what makes you happy. Nothing else matters. As long as we include the 124 legally required words, the ceremony can take whatever theme or format you like!

I’ll take the time to get to know you, and I then write a ceremony specifically for you. I’ll do all your legals.

You don’t need to worry about a thing. I’ll write you a ceremony so special that you’ll never forget it.

And neither will your friends and family. 
And when it’s all done, I’ll hi-five and hug you.

If you’re keen to really get the most out of your ceremony, then this is the one for you. 

 The 'Time Of My Life' package includes:

  • An 'obligation free' first meeting to make sure I'm just right for you.

​  • An amazing Marriage Celebrant & an amazing personal ceremony

  • Two meetings plus rehearsal

  • Unlimited wedding script revisions.

  • Continuous phone/email contact with me.

  • Preparation and submission of all paperwork to Births, Deaths & Marriages; All of the legal obligations that are required.                     (if it’s an international wedding we’ll do your legals on Australian ground before or after the trip)

  • Printed copies of your readings including speeches for your readers on the day.

  • Presentation Certificate.

  • Bose PA speaker with wireless microphone


 I also offer complete flexibility in your booking date, time, and place, as long as

1) I’m available on the new date and time, and

2) if there are extra travel expenses like flights or accomodation you’ll cover them, but no change fee, or extra service fees.


 (Inclusive of GST, taxes, local travel, legals)

 Available worldwide

 Legals Only Ceremony

This is the absolute bare minimum-we say the 124 legals required words, sign some paperwork, and you're on your way! 

This option is popular for couples who may be getting hitched (non legally) overseas but want the legalities sorted here, or those that just want a fuss free, no bells and whistles experience.

The package does not include your official registered marriage certificate but I can apply for this on your behalf if you wish.

• An 'obligation free' pre wedding meet to complete the legally required paperwork.

• The bare minimum ceremony --- you, me, 2 witnesses, 124 legally required words, paperwork.

• Supply and completion and lodgement of all legally required paperwork.

• Presentation Certificate.

• Travel to Wedding Day (extra costs may apply for excessive travel distance).​


Whilst the minimum two guests COVID-19 restrictions apply, I also offer free LIVE-STREAMING of your ceremony. I'm in no means a professional videographer, but hey, I have a nice camera and I’m legally allowed to be at your wedding.



 (Inclusive of GST, taxes, local travel, legals)

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