Want a Pet Naming ceremony?…. As a fellow animal lover and qualified Veterinary nurse, I’m your gal. Having two dogs, and eight cats, I can honestly say "I adore animals!” and I can certainly understand the special bond and affection between you and your pet. 

Bringing your new pet home for the first time is an amazing feeling as they becomeone  of the most significant relationships in our lives. 

As an important part of your family, you may like to name your pet "officially" and create a sense of occasion as you welcome your new best friend.

Together we can create a beautiful, life affirming ceremony for a pet naming or to welcome your new pet into the family. 

For every ceremony, I take time to know you and individually design and write your ceremony. Your ceremony will be a unique, personal, meaningful and beautiful reflection of you, your pet, your needs, values and personality. I listen to you and with creativity, experience and passion help you create the perfect ceremony. I also have a range of resources you can use for inspiration. 

Anyone can be involved in the ceremony - it can be particularly nice for children to be involved so they can be part of their new pet's life right from the start. 

Every Pet Naming Ceremony includes:

• An ‘obligation free’ first meeting to discuss your pet ceremony in more detail. 
• Pet Naming Ceremony certificate 
• A "My Commitment to my Pet" contract for children to sign to remind them of their dedication to their new pet. 
• A written copy of your ceremony for you to keep 

The fee is determined by the complexity of the ceremony, the number of people involved, location and day of the week.

However, the prices below will give you an indication. 

‘Without my pets, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty’

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